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Journey The Universe That Is You!

We are rocking this thing called life. We show up for ourself, our job, our family, and even the planet. But we know there's even more for us...and we're ready to go after it.

That's when we call in our lady in charge, Mother Earth. She's the ultimate provider of vital & pure ingredients our minds and bodies need in order to unleash the superpowers that are innately within us. She knows what we're capable of and she's ready to give us all she's got. But it's our job to love her as much as she loves us.


It's a partnership like no other. We take care of her, she'll take care of us...and Leaf & Stone Apothecary takes care of us both.

Our creations inspire wellness, fun and we have been told they are a high vibration. All of what we offer comes from our own personal journey with Mother Nature, anytime we have ever needed a good idea we just went camping.


We offer exactly what you would think comes from an Apothecary! Things you can use for your everyday toolbox of health or just whenever you need them. From Good Afternoon herbal blend to our Action & Rebound, Raw Cosmos or the always handy Calendula salve. Aromatherapy is a huge part of our everyday experience and we offer scents to help through your day. We are always learning and bringing more to wherever we are. Watch what we are bringing, our ever growing list of things to choose from increases every week!

"From Label To Table, We Made This"





Chocolate Yin Tonic


Examples of reasons the body will need use of this store house of energy are stress, cold/flu, lack of sleep, depression, fatigue, and many more symptoms that we might dismiss for a while till something more serious shows itself. Immune disorders already existing are a great reason to consistently be taking something to give back to your body what it has had to use.   

It is connected to our skeletal system, ligaments and musculoskeletal structure of the body. It is connected to the Liver and Kidneys, which clean and filter our blood, water metabolism, remove waste, is in charge of reproductive organs and supply our cells with nutrients. Tonics like Chaga, He Shou Wu, Reishi and Goji Berries when taken over time bioaccumulate to restore this Yin energy. Giving our bodies the reserves of restorative  energy whenever the occasion arises that we need to pull from it.

A great example would be Caffeine, it is a Yang substance. To make the Yang energy of Coffee work you need to use your own Yin energy, this way you can support the stimulation. You are also depleting your body of vital energies, or Yin. Later when you have run out of these vital energies you will experience the 'Coffee Crash' we all know about.


There are substances to add to your coffee that help to redirect the energies used and support the body, Raw Cosmos is one of them.


Add 1 tbsp to 12 oz of coffee, the MCT not only gives you the extra zing, similar to Bulletproof Coffee additives. Also the 4 mushroom blend works to give you a lot of the Yin back to your body, avoiding the 'Coffee Crash'. As long as you like it Mocha, since there is Cocoa in this amazing blend!

Cup Of Cocoa.png

If I had to explain it in one sentence this would be it:

It is the foundational energy that every action we make on every level uses to create existence. 


Cold and hot relief for pain management. During work, play, Arthritis or post surgery recovery this is an excellent tool for your tool kit when dealing with pain. Tight areas from stress have a chance to take a break when applying Action & Rebound. I made it for a injury across my spine that I will have to manage for the rest of my life. Now when I get that tight neck pain I reach for Action & Rebound as my alternative to other Petroleum based options. Made with as many organic ingredients as we can find on the market, intent and consciousness are part of this package. We have the practitioner in mind, as you massage this cream stays lubricated for a smooth rub.  Stop for just a minute and it will disappear with no residue left behind. Does not dry you out afterward, just supple and nourished skin. The pump is a sanitary way to dispense the cream without having to put the same fingers in one container with every client, and excellent for portion control. Practice our affirmation to help release stuck energies when using this creation!!  

No Residue Left, Absorbs Completely!

Takes The Itch Out Of Bites, Smells Delicious!

Our imaginarium brought into your reality, a community based blog.

Check out the Imaginarium:
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We will be going over what salves are made of and the proper way to use them. Quickly moving into the hands on portion of the class. We'll also discuss making your own oils and lip balms. You'll be walking away your own salves, oil extract, recipes and informational printouts to take home. We'll be sharing the experience in a group class setting, and will be working with heat to melt the wax.


All the ingredients are organic and the whole class should only take 1.5 hours, we allotted 2 just in case. Aprons will be provided, if you have a personal preference please bring your own. We will be working with oils and spills do happen so they will be required.

Only 8 spots available please purchase here


815 W 11th St N

November 30th 2022

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