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ICT Big Gay


Sunday June 2nd
9: to 3:

We'll be celebrating a lot of life at this event! It will be James & Jeff's 14th year anniversary

and James' birthday on June 5th but why not! 

Also celebrating our 3rd year supporting our local LGBTQIA businesses!

Apply Here

Business Info Only

Type Of Business:
Do you have product liability insurance
Will you promote Riverside Farmers Market or ICT Big Gay Market?
Prices & Options (tents & tent weights are required)

10 x 10 spaces are $50.00 

10 x 10 Tent, weights, tables and electricity will be supplied by the applicant.
Info services are free in designated area,
if you want a tent space there will be the 50.00 fee. There is no indoor space this year. We will be solely outdoors at Park Villa Park.

Please send us the Logo we can use to represent your business on social media and advertisements.

Send logo here

Thank you for applying! We'll get back to you as soon as we review your application.

Would you like to participate in or Vendor Button Deals? Please contact us or come to our meetings to learn more.
Would you like to participate in the Herb Fairies Find?

Terms & Conditions

We will be offering a customer incentive list to help gather emails for your online list. You will opt in to be part of this or not in the list under button deals. Herb Fairies are a great way to get children and families to your tent. It is a free activity for kids to enjoy exploring the Markets while the parents have their fun too. 

Big Gay Market

This is a event with focus on our LGBTQIA+ community, it is a safe, caring and fun environment we all co-create. Vendor setup will start at 7:00 am, and teardown will start at 3:00 pm if you would like. We will be offering the space available till around 5:00 pm.  Our goal is to share space with our local community either allied or LGBTQIA+ to showcase what we can do to create a experiential, informative and amazing shopping trip. There will be lots of rainbows so please bring what you have on hand. After this event we will be attempting to start a business support group to help get new business's off the ground for events. Please fill out the form to the best of your ability, anything you don't have right now just put N/A and we will discuss options to help your business grow!


  • Read the Rules & Regulations before applying for the event

  • Fill out and send in the application and all paperwork needed like insurance, tax ID and so on

  • Vendors offering food products must have proper product liability insurance

  • Food vendors must have all proper licensing and be in compliance with regulations set in place by the Kansas Department of Agriculture, City of Wichita, Sedgwick County, and the State of Kansas. It is solely the responsibility of the vendor to know what these requirements are as they pertain to their business

  • Vendors who provide product samples must comply with the rules set forth by the Kansas Department of Agriculture (find those rules here: Food Safety for Kansas Farmers Market Vendors: Regulations and Best Practices)

  • Food vendors are highly encouraged to offer a tasting or product sample to attendees

  • Sales tax must be collected by vendor businesses as required by state law

  • Vendors will receive specific load-in/tear-down instructions via email by Leaf & Stone Apothecary. We understand things happen, it is imperative to follow these instructions as closely as possible to have a smooth and stress-free setup/tear-down

  • Vendors are not permitted to tear down their booth or display before the Fest is over for the day. Not only is this a disturbance to attendees, it is also unsafe. No exceptions. Even if you sell out please keep your information up to be seen

  • Vendors are required to park their vehicles away from the event area at least 2 blocks away. It is a small neighborhood PLEASE do not block anyones driveway on the street or in the alleyway 

  • As a condition of being a vendor, the vendor agrees to release and hold The ICT Big Gay Market and Leaf & Stone Apothecary and their members, agents and employees harmless from all claims related to or arising from the vendor’s attendance at The Big Gay Market

  • The ICT Big Gay Market and Leaf & Stone Apothecary are not responsible for any loss or damage incurred by vendors

  • Smoking and Vaping will only be allowed away from the main areas of the event, at least 15ft from the event to be respectful of the vendors and patrons

  • Use #TheBigGayMarketICT when sharing to social media


Each application will be reviewed by Leaf & Stone Apothecary regularly, and we'll get back to you starting after March 1st or sooner. We will be offering this event rain or shine and spaces purchased are non-refundable. Payment for Big Gay Market will be sent out after we have reviewed your application. This is a supportive and co-created safe space for everyone involved. Please share your kindness, joy and creativity with all who come to the event. We have held this space for both vendors and those from our community expecting a fun experience. Please help us create this experience, anything expressed by our vendors deterring us from our expected experience can result in being asked to leave or at least break down. Parking is limited so after unloading please park at least 2 blocks away. More information will be provided after acceptance into the event.


Please show up 1 hour before opening for setup, and expect at least 1 hour after for tear down. Bring enough food & water for the day, food and water will be available at the food court. Make sure your payments tax is set to 7.5% (also I think there is a grocery tax to be aware of which is 2%) and to fill the form out to the best of your ability, if there is anything that we need that is not there we will ask. Please provide us with your business's insurance paperwork via email at

By submitting an application and paying the booth fee, applicants/vendors agree to the terms set forth within the Vendor Application and these Rules & Regulations. No refunds will be issued should the applicant/vendor choose to cancel their involvement. The ICT Big Gay Market is a rain or shine event. The application due date is a month before the event you would like to attend and be part of the advertisements and social media. Otherwise a week before the event will suffice for us to fit you in, we will let you know if that is not the case.

Event Organizers:  James Boyd, Jeff Boyd

Contact: or

Dates & Time: June 2nd 9:00 am to 3: pm   (7:am to 5:pm setup to teardown)

Location:  Central Riverside Park @ 720 Nims, Wichita, KS 67203

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