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Two Guys Walk Into the Forest. . .

There is a silence of acceptance, a single breeze blows across the mountainside carrying along whispers

of ancient secrets from the trees. With unconditional trust both close their eyes. Feeling the sacred

space of the land's love and healing, they know this is their home.

20180710_110300 copy_edited.jpg

Medicine Bow National Forest James & Jeff 2018

Here we are folks!

Lets get the formalities out of the way we are James & Jeff. The Leaf and the Stone, the Rock and the Roots or, for us, the Growth and the Foundation it builds upon. We make a great team in so many ways and continue to get better as we grow with our strong individual talents. When we started bringing our two worlds together there was explosive creation and forging opportunities left and right for our community. 


James started from farms and old world healing young in Cheyenne, WY, to Portland to get a culinary education and work at the Multnomah County Health Department, Peer Mentor at a HIV resource center, featured chef at Quest Center for Integrative Health and so much more! Such a passion for volunteer work and supporting folks that need help. This volunteering led a drive to do more to help the community. Becoming a Herbalist was not only a statement of his own health independence, yes slightly rebellious, but also to help others do the same themselves. Thanks to working with doctors and education at M.C.H.D. he learned body systems and a heavy focus on immune, cancer and digestion. James loves teaching through simple life practices, knowledge sharing and growing your own herbs to use yourself. Starting a rebellion? Well no not exactly, it might feel that way to James just by helping to break old trained habits. The consciousness around natural healing has made its way back into all of our everyday lives. James channels, through his own herbal muse, this consciousness to bring you amazing creations. These creations not only have their uses in your toolbox of things you reach for, but also taste really good!


What we bring is a opportunity for individuals managing different aspects of their lives. Every action has a reaction and those of us dealing with injuries need to manage our bodies reaction. Bounce back with Action & Rebound, a chance to get back into the joyful moments of life you are creating. Raw Cosmos is not just a chocolate drink, it's an out of this world energy and brain boosting mushroom, fruit and herb extravaganza that tastes like chocolate milk! We are not stopping here, there is so much more to bring to our community. By gathering ingredients from farms all over Wichita we are honored to bring you our own Fyre Cider called 'White Ravens Brew'! A mythical drink with roots deep in history, now intertwined with the Druidic energies of the Raven. When we say Apothecary we are bringing back the old world rooted feel with the new world education! Enjoy the herbal Apothecary of what Leaf & Stone offers : )

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