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Raw Cosmos Signature Bulk Blend

Raw Cosmos Signature Bulk Blend


Our herbal powdered longevity tonic is packed with powerhouses like:



Reishi: Considered the queen of mushrooms, antioxidant rich, immunomodulating, and great for the brain


Chaga: Considered the king of mushrooms, and helps improve the bodies response to cancers. Known to protect against viruses, microbial infections and candida


Lions Mane: Excellent for brain health, supports immune response and helps balance mood


Cordyceps: Improves physical performance, known to reduce physical fatigue and improve brain function also protect your mitochondria 


Also superfoods like oxygenating Goji Berries and highly prized Ashwaghanda!



Easy to use and versitile ingredients. Just add to your favorite milk of any kind, we love it in almond or oat milk! Add it to your smoothie, cereal or make some amazing dessert like cookies or vegan ice cream!


These ingredients are out of this world,travel the universe that is you! When consuming this concentrate you are opening your mind to the universe.


Raw Cacao and Chaga Mushroom give your body a broad spectrum of minerals and electrolytes. Chaga has absorbed energy from the Sun, but after 25 years, the Cosmos also. Mind, Body and Soul this tonic will hydrate and nourish so you are fulfilled on every level. Cacao is full of Calcium, Magnesium, Melanin and Iron. Chaga is at the top of the list of Antioxidant rich foods, only second to Cacao. With every sip you are drinking a few of the most powerful Antioxidants in the world. Thanks to our Chaga's Double Extract you also get the benefits of Antiviral and Antimutigenic constituents. 

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