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Welcome to Leaf & Stone Apothecary where we offer many healing modalities for your kitchen cabinet and medicine cabinet. On one side we offer external creations like Aromatherapy, Creams, Ointments and Baths. On the other side we offer internal creations like Tea, Herbal Blends, Bulk herbs and Powdered longevity tonics.

It is our goal to bridge the gap between herbs we should be consuming everyday and making them approachable for everyone.

There are a lot of options out there and many body types, but there are only a few herbs that we can consume all the time or rather we should consume them more than not. For example Chaga mushroom and Reishi mushroom are what is considered the King and Queen of the medicinal mycological court. We also offer Cordyceps, Lions Mane and many more in a few of our internal powdered longevity tonics! We also put a great blend of mushrooms in our Myco Prana Tincture.

What's with all these ingredients though? A lot of what you see in our creations are probably new to you and we would love it if you took the time to familiarize yourself with these herbal companions. We have had a lot of education and experience that has offered us the opportunity to bring you these focused and intent-full creations.

We're not afraid to help walk you through these journeys of getting to know yourself. Which is truly what makes us different is that we aren't trying to have you experience us and what we really are at all. We are trying to allow you to better experience yourself. Maybe there is a pain from an old injury that is always a bother, your stomach has been a problem or your just lack of energy for some reason. These can affect your ability to truly get to know yourself through your pain, when you are not the pain. You are the sum of all of your experiences, you are beautiful and complex but you are not pain or whatever dis-ease you may suffer from. These are symptoms and truly it is that simple symptoms are something that's approachable to deal with. Past all of this you are ready to explore what life is just as you even for a little bit, to start, but as you find more and more of what brings you into focus you will start to notice your filters on life changing.

When a doctor starts talking to you about quality of life, that's what we are here for. Your quality of life is what matters that is why we offer you only the best ingredients and optimal creations. It is our philosophy that what you take out of our shop is of optimal quality, we would never bring to our table anything less!


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Our Body is our foundation, where we are able to experience our ideas into actions in the physical realm. Our Mind is the flow, where we create our ideas and goals in the unconscious and conscious mental realm. Our Soul is where we grow, where both our ideas and our actions create experience. We will hold onto this level of experience be it good or bad. This is where physical representations or symptoms can be created from bad experiences. This is also where we create healing within ourselves with good experiences. We forge opportunities for amazing experiences with our creations. Wake up sore? Give Action & Rebound Muscle and Joint Cream a chance for a good morning with mobility and without pain. Take a healing and regenerative Tea Bath with I Am Blissed to get a great nights sleep, remember a minimum of 30 minute soak with no disturbances : ) Notice your getting tired after a cup or two of coffee? Try our Raw Cosmos Powdered Chocolate Longevity Tonic as a additive to your coffee, with 4 mushrooms and MCT for a better caffeine absorption and less or no coffee crash afterward! Be in control of what you choose to put into your body, and enjoy it at the same time!



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Organic, Biodegradable, Recyclable, Eco Friendly, Eco Stewardship. . . . The list goes on and on these days, what does all of this mean? Well to answer this we can only tell you what it means to us. It means that what ingredients we are using and what packaging we are using has been tested, and some sort of certification has deemed it to be something that will be safer than other options being readily used today. It means there is still some system out there that has a say to what is safer and what is not. It might not be the perfect system, but as long as one exists then there is always a chance for improvement. If you know us then keeping that opportunity available no matter when it will be perfect or not is most important. We buy Organic, we buy Non-GMO and it is our priority that if a ingredient can be so then it will be. This has been a lot of education, searching and researching to get where we are today. We do order our Chaga mushroom from a sustainably harvested source in Canada since the Birch trees they grow on are in such abundance. This is an example of our focus on every individual ingredient being the best it can be not only for us but for the planet too. 

Biodegradable is the only kind of packaging we supply for our herb blends, teas and powdered drinks. Made of Non-GMO sugarcane and 100% BPA free and Recyclable, we stamp it with non-toxic ink so that if you do choose to compost it will be safe for your plants : ) This is our philosophy.

What is medicine? To us even a slight karma in your own mind can be a negative medicine or experience. These experiences we hold within our soul can be a good medicine or a bad medicine. If you were in a situation where you could not recycle or you forgot and threw it away, it's biodegradable and recyclable. You will know that within a MUCH shorter time this package will break down and return to the earth. There is good medicine in that experience, that is why we offer what we offer. A example of a bad experience would be it not being biodegradable and you would realize that package would last for 100's of years and possibly hurt some ecosystem. This leaves a karma in our unconscious, or rather just a stored lingering thought that has a chance to not be able to work its way through if we did this too many times.

Our whole creation is a experience for you to explore yourself in a safe and loving way, loving you and our Mother Earth


Hug the earth


Mountain Rose Herbs
Starwest Botanical

We order our Organic dried herbs and essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs and Starwest Botanical. It is these herbs & oils we use in extracts for our creations and in all of our herb blends. Our Teas (Camillia Seninsus) are ordered from these companies as well, these are not something that we grow or process ourselves. We make sure to order from companies that can offer us Organic certification with the herbs we get. This ensures that when we say there are only Organic ingredients used, we mean it!


We've been refining our ordering since 2012 and have found all the best places to get our ingredients. Our most loved place to get ingredients is LOCALLY though! For example when we make our Fire Cider called "Ravens Brew" we get as much as we can from local farms till the season ends. We usually buy quite a bit and dehydrate it for the winter so we can keep it local till the next spring! We are talking to a couple mushroom growers in our state to see about starting some Reishi for us. One of our best sources is our community, plenty of folks all around us already have the structure and know how to plug in our ingredients. We communicate and collaborate to help us all grow together!

We are always growing and creating, what we need is always expanding. Even now we are looking for new suppliers for our ingredients, and new research is needed for a ever changing world and ecosystems these ingredients grow in. Knowing these changes is important and being on top of suppliers that are doing what they can to accommodate the needed changes are a priority.


What we are.


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