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What is more inspiring, monolithic, awesome, magical and beautiful than nature? Nothing in our opinion, there is something for everyone drama, sci-fi, suspense, horror, comedy, mystery and of course romance.


As a herbalist a walk through the forest is much more entailed than just a normal stroll. Imagine a butterfly from flower to flower, taking its time sometimes to really enjoy the moment and forgetting the rest of the world. Yeah it's something like that.  

Through some of our own choices, education and history we have had the opportunity to be educated on what nature has the capability to do with the body. Once your out in the forest and run across that one plant that you just researched, there is a moment of connection with nature.

Taking a walk, meditating next to your favorite herbal companion or repotting your herbs. There is always a chance to connect to what nature has saturated our lives with. As a herbalist looking out onto a beautiful landscape takes on a whole new meaning. 

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Man Hiking in Nature, apothecary, landsapothecary, leaf & stone apothecary, healing with herbs, taking care of nature, mother earth

Our trips through the paths, rivers and mountainsides are always educational. When you take the time it not only becomes a herbal education but a personal one too.


It is only natural that we would find a way to involve herbs into our daily practice. Almost like a pull on the soul or maybe some former lifetime we find something new and amazing to bring into the know. It's thanks to this passion that we also try to make what goes back to nature something that we can all choose.

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