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Conscious Creations

With Earth in mind, we move our business forward. A little more money is only an exchange of energy that we as Leaf & Stone put toward something that we know will reflect in our collective futures. What we put in is what we get out of our business and personal lives. Putting in a little time and education to create a final product that will finish the full cycle from start to finish, and still be safe for the planet. Organic herbs especially, really there isn't much you have to do to make it more natural. As a business there is no reason to choose anything else at this point, options are cheap. 

Have your really thought about your throw away material or what you are left with when you are done with your purchase? After throwing out the packaging where does it go, and did you recycle or was it recyclable? I used to do a lot of hiking in my hometown and it amazed me to see the amount of trash along the sides of the road accumulating as I grew older. Just staring out the window at what nature had to offer in a constant live stream as Grandma drove. It became apparent that something changed in our perception of what trash does after we're done with it. Depending on what type of material it is you might be stuck with something for a very long time. No that's not true since we pay for trash services, it's so easy.

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Rowan, Australian Shepard, Puppy
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Education is always our first step to something better, even if that education challenges our current way of thinking. Whatever your reason may be the kids, the animals, yourself or mother earth herself there is always that moment when you know something has to be done. We all have the realization that that someone doing the something is ourselves! We are all only capable of changing our own way of living and making a lifelong impact. So much is at stake and proper systems that perfectly handle the situation might yet be made. Still Something is better than nothing and with something and motivation there can always be improvement.

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