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Supporting Local Farms

When you think about Herbalism what comes to mind? Herbs lining a wall in jars, turning beeswax into medicine and hikes into the woods. All this is true of course but another aspect we would like to add is creating a relationship with local farms. The roots of a community lead to the foundations made through support and hard work, here you will find your local farms. Making connections with where our food comes from is a wonderful practice no matter what you do!

When live food has to travel across a country there is a lot going on to keep it fresh for you. What if all that was not needed, the only thing we would have to provide is a trip to the Farmers Market? Personally we have found that our local community offers mushrooms, vegetables, honey and much more! Knowing where your food comes from and building relationships with those growing your food is an amazing experience. Take the time to learn the ups and downs of their trade and buy something to stock up on market day! As time passes there will always be new faces and new things to be grateful for. Organic always peaks our interest (and mushrooms). We like to see where our food is grown and cultivate those relationships.    

Food Market Crowd
Couple Buying Asparagus

Personally knowing where the food/medicine we put in our body comes from is a important gap that all to many do not attempt to traverse. As a business owner these relationships take on a new form. We lift each other up as the year goes on, these relationships take on a more familial feel. Growth is shared by all as we move through the season. As our customers buy our Fire Cider they are contributing to the cycle of money going back into our community on a broader basis. It is our goal to support local farms as much as possible, at a grassroots level this is the obvious choice to make!  

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