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Right here's some food for the soul, as a herbalist we know that the first step to any emotional journey is accepting yourself. After that we can make decisions through the heart with our life. We offer this space to be a safe space to express yourself, and share the love of acceptance of a community together. 

There used to be a lot of events in our Riverside neighborhood that supported our LGBTQIA+ community, and it's time we brought back all of what that can be now!

Just walking down the sidewalk taking it all in was a lot, even for it only being part of the block. Laughter, holding hands, kissing, sharing true joy expressed through dance and not a negative vibe in the house! It's called The Big Gay Market

and it was not a small endeavor, it is thanks to everyone involved that this event was such a success. Thank you to everyone that made it possible, we couldn't have asked for more! 

We are blessed to have our Riverside allies/community, and they all came out in support for a safe and joyous event! 

The Big Gay Market is also a platform for gay owned business to show their creative side while also growing from event to event. Being someone who has created a business from the ground up here in Wichita we would like to create a off shoot of this event to help new business get a head start on their momentum. Making the decision to dedicate to a business is a big

step. Maybe your passion is ready

to bloom into something amazing!

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