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Raw Cosmos

Powdered Cacao Longevity Tonic



Know that you possess the strong
masculine principle [yang], yet abide
by the meek feminine principle [yin].
Thus, become the flowing stream
of the world.

As the flowing stream of the world,
never swerve from your true nature.
In this way, you return to the absolute
integrity of a newborn babe.

Know the bright, yet keep to the dark.
Never wavering from truth, you will
conform to the pattern of an absolute
In this way, you return again to the

Know how to be honored and glorified,
yet maintain unadorned plainness.
Thus become the abundant valley of the

As the abundant valley of the world,
you realize the sufficiency of the
constant virtue of the universe.
In this way, you return to the original
simplicity of an uncarved block.

When the uncarved block is shaped
into useful tools and vessels, its
original qualities are destroyed.
An absolute being, by preserving the
original qualities, becomes the
supreme ruler.
This is called the great Oneness
cannot be divided.

Tao Te Ching, by Lao Tzu (translation by Master Ni, Hua Ching)


So what is it we are overlooking when we undervalue Yin? Yin has the qualities of earth and water. Yin is substantial, cohesive and gives depth and weight. It is passive, open, yielding and hidden. It's only resistance is its own nature: weight and inactivity. Left to itself, yin is static, or will flow downward with gravity. Yet it holds and contains, collects and stores and therefore, nourishes and sustains. It is the abundant valley of the world. Yin endures. I like to call Yin 'Dark Matter'.

If we are over-consuming our Yin (whether due to over-activity, or because it was deficient to begin with), we begin to lose our endurance and reserves. We become over-reactive and hypersensitive. Growth slows or even stops (this is more physical in children and more psychological and spiritual in adults). We lose the dimension of depth and life becomes more and more superficial. The sense of flow, the feeling of support and having what we need fades. It's at this time we need to support the flow of our energies and create balance within ourselves. Depending on what area of the Yin energy you feel the need for support our creations can give you a wider range of choice. All are supporting to our reserves especially since we all work so hard to help, we cannot become victims to our own expenditure of energy. We can take control of our lives again and get a chance to feel that stability. These are foods you can consume regularly. When you have made that life choice to find the creation that works right for you, there is the chance to have that creation for the entirety of a long and happy life : )

Making A Cup

Of Raw Cosmos

Do you like chocolate? Well we love it, and have something amazing to share with you! With just 3 easy steps you can have a cup full of chocolaty love & a clean energy. 

1 tbsp Raw Cosmos Powder

8 ounces of Almond Milk (or your favorite)

Blend together with a frother wand and enjoy!

It's a great way to get your minerals & nutrients, make your gut happy makes your brain happy! Try Raw Cosmos Today-

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Raw Cosmos Push.png


A delicious way to get amazing chocolate taste, and still get the benefit of herbs, mushrooms and fruit that your body will thank you for. When working with this creation you are ingesting universal energies. Chaga has absorbed life force from our sun, but after 25 years, the Cosmos also. Raw Cacao and Chaga mushrooms give you a broad spectrum of minerals, nutrients and electrolytes for daily support.

Mind, Body, and Soul this Adaptogenic tonic will hydrate, nourish and fulfill on each level. With every sip you are drinking a few of the most powerful Antioxidants in the world. Thanks to our Chaga's double extraction you get all the goodness possible with every serving.

Excellent source of yin tonic, meaning deep nourishment for our Kidneys. All Yin in the body comes from the Kidneys. Yin is the reason they are referred to as the root of our vitality! With their position close to the bottom of the major organs, they are a store house for vital life energies.

What is Yin and why should I restore it?


If I had to explain it in one sentence this would be it:

It is the foundational energy that every action we make on every level uses to create existence. 

It is connected to our skeletal system, ligaments and musculoskeletal structure of the body. It is connected to the Liver and Kidneys, which clean and filter our blood, water metabolism, remove waste, is in charge of reproductive organs and supply our cells with nutrients. Tonics like Chaga, He Shou Wu, Reishi and Goji Berries when taken over time bioaccumulate to restore this Yin energy. Giving our bodies the reserves of restorative  energy whenever the occasion arises that we need to pull from it.

Examples of reasons the body will need use of this store house of energy are stress, cold/flu, lack of sleep, depression, fatigue, and many more symptoms that we might dismiss for a while till something more serious shows itself. Immune disorders already existing are a great reason to consistently be taking something to give back to your body what it has had to use.   

A great example would be Caffeine, it is a Yang substance. To make the Yang energy of Coffee work you need to use your own Yin energy, this way you can support the stimulation. You are also depleting your body of vital energies, or Yin. Later when you have run out of these vital energies you will experience the 'Coffee Crash' we all know about.


There are substances to add to your coffee that help to redirect the energies used and support the body, Raw Cosmos is one of them.


Add 1 tsp - tbsp to 12 oz of coffee, the MCT not only gives you the extra zing, similar to Bulletproof Coffee additives. Also the 4 mushroom blend works to give you a lot of the Yin back to your body, avoiding the 'Coffee Crash'. As long as you like it Mocha, since there is Cocoa in this amazing blend!

Meet the Mushrooms in Raw Cosmos

There have been a lot of talk about mushrooms lately, and for good reason these are companions that can do a lot for us. There has been plenty of time to work through a lot of education as a society, and mushrooms have begun being our everyday herbal companions.

If we begin to research these mushrooms there would be two that would stand out the most. Chaga Mushroom and Reishi Mushroom, each have many unique qualities and interact to be of great benefit to the body for many things we need help with today!

Toted as the king and queen of the mushroom community, a teacher of ours went into the office of a TCM master expecting so many different herbs to talk about but only found these two in jar on the shelf. They were a beautiful specimen and showcased very well with proper lighting. These are important each in their own way. There is just a certain vitality about these two, and once taken for a long period you start to notice the benefits dramatically. These substances bioaccumulate in the body so the body can use it when it needs it.  



"Ganoderma lucidum or Lingzhi"



"Inonotus obliquus"

Though we take this every day there are specific reasons to take it with you for its benefits. One example is, we like to have Reishi on us when we do hiking in the higher altitudes. One excellent 

reason to recommendation we always make for Chaga is during Chemotherapy. Full of beta-glucans and anti-oxidants, this mushroom is a powerful ally!

We strive with Raw Cosmos to bring you these amazing herbal companions to enjoy easily everyday. Approaching something like these can be difficult since there are certain ways to process it to get the maximum benefit. We have came a long way since its first reported usage by the Northern Native American tribes of the Cree, the Ojibway, the Denesuliné. Cree healers call Chaga Poashkan or Wiskakecakomikih.  One origin story for Chaga is that the Wisakecak, a mythological being, threw a scab mistaken for a piece of dried meat against a birch tree. According to their mythology, this was the first Chaga mushroom.

These tribal healers used Chaga to treat many ailments, ranging from rheumatic and joint pain to treating infections, tooth ache and even rheumatic pain. This was even before all the research happened after Chernobyl. We have came a long way in knowing what these mushrooms can do for us.

We use Lions Mane in Raw Cosmos due to its nerve and cognitive support and support against Dementia. Known also for its cancer fighting qualities, this mushroom has shown promise as yet another mushroom with these amazing qualities. We like the fact that studies have been done to show Lion's Mane has beneficial affects on depression. Helping those afflicted focus better, be less irritable and anxious. 

Raw Cosmos would not be the same without this mushroom, it even enhances the flavor. Lions Mane is the perfect addition to your morning routine. 


Lions Mane

"Hericium erinaceus"


Modern herbalists use Cordyceps to support healthy stamina and physical energy levels. It is considered to be an immune modulator and adaptogen that promotes overall endocrine health, and it is used to support the liver and kidneys. Cordyceps provides antioxidant support, and it also has been used to support normal, healthy male fertility. Cordyceps' diverse functions make it similar to a conductor within the body, supporting the communication between the adrenals (they control the body's natural stress response) and a number of aspects of the immune system.


The fruiting bodies of this mushroom contain polysaccharides, specifically a type called beta-glucans, which have been studied to support immune health and overall wellness, as well as normal, healthy cell growth and turnover. The fruiting body extracts we use contain these polysaccharides, without unnecessary fillers or starches.


"Ophiocordyceps sinensis"

What is Yin
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