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Fresh Herbs
& Roots

We all strive to make the best herbal

creations we can. With fresh herbs you

can expand your ingredients quality.

Here you will find a list of herbs we can

get shipped next or 2nd day,

chilled for freshness.

Why order fresh herbs compared to dry herbs?

For some herbs the constituent ingredients and essential oils are at peak levels when fresh rather than dried. For many manufacturers and practitioners freshly harvested herbs may be critical for their formulas.

Some things to consider about ordering fresh.

  • Farm Fresh herbs, in contrast to dried herbs, means that the herbs are being harvested right here on the farm and shipped to you that same day!

  • Farm Fresh plants, flowers and berries are always shipped overnight. Fresh roots are shipped 2nd day air, and will be available for pickup as soon as they are delivered. They will be kept refrigerated till pickup.

  • All fresh shipments must be opened and processed immediately upon receipt for maximum potency, to preserve freshness, and avoid spoilage.

It is best to get your order in a season in advance by at least 1 month. Folks who have ordered the season in advance will have priority on shipping, so the soonest to get their order in will be the first to get herbs shipped. 


If you would like something in your current season it will have to be pre-harvest and you will be put on the bottom of the list, if there is some left you will get your order. Harvests are dependent on "Mother Nature" so any dates you see are general.


After submitting your order you'll be invoiced a average cost that your order will be, this will not reflect the final cost and is always a little more than expected so no one is shocked by a increase. Any difference in the final invoice will be refunded once the order is shipped. This is due to increases in shipping prices from season to season to be sure the initial invoice covers the total at the end. If you ordered during the same season, you might have your full order refunded if those who order the previous season tap that herb out.

This is something we are going to try out and hopefully hone in our process once we get started. We feel it is important to have access to fresh organic herbs, especially roots. All the herbs from the farm we order from are Organic, Wildcrafted or Grown Without Chemicals. We hope this is something we can all benefit from. 

Here is the list of herbs to inquire about. Please fill out the form below with your herbal submissions, make sure to include what season, and we will contact you back.

This is a general time frame during which the particular herbs are harvested. We know you will understand that we cannot provide more specific dates because our harvests are totally dependent on “Mother Nature.” ( ) states the approximate number of times we harvest and ship each year. Also the price per pound, these prices change throughout the season and are a average.

Minimum order is 1 pound. There will be shipping included in your invoice with 2 day shipping it is more than average shipping costs. I'd like to make it that the more that orders the cheaper the shipping will be, we'll see how that goes. All fresh herbs are shipped 2 day to the apothecary and you will be responsible for picking up your fresh herb order at:

815 W 11th st. N   Wichita, KS 67203

Spring (March-May)

  • Rosemary Leaf & Flower (1)   $32.70 Organic


Summer (June-Sept)

  • Artichoke Lf (3)   $20.80 Organic

  • Artemisia annua (1)   $23.95 Organic

  • Ashwagandha Lf (1)   $27.65 Organic

  • Bacopa (2)   $44.65 Organic

  • Blessed Thistle (1)   $19.70 Organic

  • Calendula Flwr (5)   $33.05 Organic

  • California Poppy Whl Plant (1)   $27.20 Organic

  • Celandine Whl Plant (1)   $24.40 Organic

  • Celandine Tops (1)   $24.80 Organic

  • Chamomile (2)   $37.00 Organic

  • Cornsilk (2)   $43.65 Organic

  • EchpurpFlwr (2)   $25.45 Organic

  • Echpurp Flowering Tops (2)   $17.35 Organic

  • Feverfew Herb in Flwr (1)   $25.90 Organic

  • Hyssop Herb in Flwr (1)   $21.20 Organic

  • Lavender Spikes (1)   $30.05 Organic

  • Lemon balm Herb (2)   $21.40 Organic

  • Lobelia Herb Seed stage (1)   $30.75 Organic

  • Motherwort Herb (2)   $23.25 Organic

  • Mullein Flwr (2)   $48.20 Organic

  • Oat tops in milk stage (2)   $23.60 Organic

  • Plantain (1)   $26.10 Organic

  • Red Clover Blossoms (5)   $42.95 Organic

  • Sage Lf &Flwr (1)   $25.70 Organic

  • Skullcap (1)   $30.85 Organic

  • Spilanthes (1)   $22.20 Organic

  • St. JohnsWort (1)   $40.55 Wild Harvested

  • Tulsi Basil Herb (2)   $25.65 Organic

  • Wormwood (1)   $21.75 Organic


Fall (Sept-Nov)

  • Angelica Rt (1)   $29.05 Organic

  • AshwagandhaRt (1)   $30.85 Organic

  • AstragalusRt (1)   $36.35 Organic

  • Bacopa (1)   $45.65 Organic

  • Burdock Rt (1)   $24.90 Organic

  • EchpurpRt ( 2)   $34.30 Organic

  • Elecampane Rt (1)   $22.50 Organic

  • Ginkgo Lf (Sept) (1)   $31.70 Organic

  • Hawthorne Berries (1)   $26.10 Wildcrafted

  • Marshmallow Rt (1)   $20.80 Organic

  • Poke Rt (1)   $22.45 Organic

  • Valerian Rt (1)   $32.80 Organic

  • Vitex berries (Sept) (1)   $33.25 Organic


Winter (Jan-March)

  • Ginger Rhizome (1)   $24.00 Organic

  • Turmeric Rhizome (1)   $25.15 Organic

  • EchpurpRt (1)   $32.30 Organic

Fill out the form below with your order.

Please include the seasons your ordering in, especially if each season has the same herb. 

Thanks for submitting!
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