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Teas & Tisanes

why they're our passion

Why Tea?

Image by Massimo Rinaldi

Since teas first recorded history in 2737 BC till now we have made use of herbs steeped or decocted in water. A Decoction is when herbs are boiled for 20 minutes (i like to let it sit covered for 10 more minutes), mainly used for thick herbs like roots, barks and harder mushrooms. Or to make a very strong herbal extraction, this extract can be used for many things. Our Masala Chai is decocted.  


Good oral hygiene, body maintenance, a great way to get your daily required amount of water and of course the benefits herbs give us to begin with. The daily ritual of making tea is a lot of fun and very intentional. You choose a tea that fits your needs then wait and take the time to make it just the way you like it and enjoying every sip. Knowledge, understanding oneself, patience and loving oneself are amazing acts of human behavior. These are also intentional thoughts that you are putting into you tea and your life. It is for intention that we repeat affirmations into our creations when making them. In all ways making tea is always full of hope and love in some form.



(ti sane)

Pronounced tuh-zan

A herbal tea (caffeinated or not)


A medicinal drink or infusion.

These days there is a debate with the term 'Tea' used for herbal blends. Folks seem to be bunching them all together as more of a wide herbal category when using the word 'Tea'. We are somewhat of a purist (a person that likes to be technical about the terminology), and like to use the term 'Tisane" for my herbal blends, being that they sometimes do contain 'Tea'.

Though we recognize the change in times and evolution of language, we like to do as much teaching of the old ways as we possibly can. Tea alone has a rich history with intrigue, love, sabotage, and lands of fertile beauty.


To us herbs bring it back to what we have around us and get us grounded more with whats in our immediate environment. Being our own version of a herbal practitioner with all of your herbal remedies in your cupboard. Here you will find what you need to fill your cupboard and begin your journey!  

 Let's Make A Cup!

The Basics

Make A Cup
What makes a cup.png

1 tsp

Black Tea


8 oz Water


For the Pour


Vegan or Dairy



In Cup

Ease & Function

1 tbsp

Herbal Blend

Tea or Tisanes:

Just to be clear by tea we mean the camellia sinensis plant and its different variation due to how it has been dried. The herbal blends are exactly as it sounds, a mix of different herbs. 

Steep times, water temperature and the amount of herbs needed for a cup are very different for each herb or blend as you can see:

Tea - 1 tsp/8 oz water      3-5 minute steep     Till Pearls of Fish Eyes

Tisane - 1 tbsp/8 oz water      15 minute steep      Full Boil

Pearls of fish eyes is a great way to tell when the temp is right for Teas. As soon as the water looks like a small chain of pearls and kinda like fish eyes then it is ready for the brew! Some Teas are forgiving and can handle a longer steep time and a hotter temperature without getting bitter on you.

Then There Was The Brew:

A Teapot is a vital item to the true ritual of making tea or herbal blends. Having a few 8 oz cups of something delicious and ready to go is amazing! Just watching the magic happen once the hot water hits the herbs is entertaining in itself. Then their is the easier 'in cup' ways to brew your tea, this way you can just make one whenever you need it and specifically the one your looking for. If you find there are smaller tea debris on the bottom of your cup that is making you experience less optimal try out the smaller holed in cup basket or the teapot. We offer Organic unbleached mulsin teabags also, they are offered in each package of Herbal Blends only (except Masala Mushroom Chai since it's decocted). 


The act of creating this ritual is very powerful tool to center and find a moment of zen in an otherwise distracting world. When on the hunt for a new tea to try out you are looking for a companion during your zen moment, that means a lot to us and we strive to help in anyway we can to optimize that moment for you!


Honey is a great natural sweetener and comes with plenty of its own benefits, or you could try stevia, cane sugar or agave nectar. We would love to also recommend fruits of different kinds. Try adding some lemon juice, a couple raspberries or other berries. You could also try sweet herbs like cinnamon or (if the extract is not good) stevia leaf dried and added to the herbs when you brew.

Good Afternoon

A great aromatic alternative to a cup of coffee in the afternoon. Brew this blend and cool it down, have a delicious blend cold for a few days. With Black & White Tea you have the best of both worlds, Black Tea with its caffeine content and lower amount of antioxidants, then the White Tea with a lower caffeine content and a much higher amount of antioxidants. To keep the caffeine levels under control we use a small amount of chamomile and tasty immune supporting herbs to help during times of stress. Slightly sweetened with just a pinch of dried Stevia Leaf.

Contains Caffeine, Serve Hot or Cold.


With hints of lemon and mint this blend offers a very supportive and nourishing cup of deliciousness! We like to take this tea with local honey for our light allergies. Great choice for the change in seasons especially from Winter to Spring. Mainly Springmint is great to lightly boost the immune system though a wonderful cup of tea, something great to start with when just beginning your journey with herbs. There are some fun herbs to study if you would like to start finding your herbal companion. No sweetener added, slightly sweet naturally. 


No Caffeine, Serve Hot or Cold


A warm cup of tea when your looking for a moment of relaxation is here for you! Flood your system with mineral and nutrients, this blend is made to bring back your Magnesium content. Most of the population of this planet is Magnesium deficient, this is surprising since there are so many options to get this mineral. Most of them require time and space which means stopping for a while for some self care. This herb blend is one of them, try with a dash of cream or vegan creamer with a little sweetener before bed!

No Caffeine, Serve Hot or Cold

Hibiscus Tummy

Either warm or cold this blend is amazing! Great support for acid reflux, heartburn, ulcers or intestinal inflammation though if you have GERD this blend does contain peppermint (some folks with GERD have a reaction to peppermint). Beautifully red and fruity with some herbal tones, these herbs are meant to add mucus to a dry tummy, and tonify the intestinal lining. Hibiscus makes a wonderful summertime drink served cold! Try adding some Coconut milk, a little stevia and some vanilla for a fruity & fun summer drink! 

No Caffeine, Try Long Infusing, Serve Hot or Cold


During the cold and flu season there are so many options that you can fit pretty much any way one would like to be more preventative or self sufficient. After every Farmers Market we long infuse a cup for each of us. With dehydrated Elderberry, this blend is most effective as a long brew or long infusion. This can run anywhere from 30 minutes to multiple hours. Just keep some in your kitchen cabinet for whenever you might need it. Add a little honey, some fresh squeezed lemon juice and a pinch of cayenne for all the good things you need for a cold or flu!

No Caffeine, Try Long Infusing, Serve Hot or Cold

Mushroom Masala Chai

Aromatic with all the Chai spices you know and love, we use Long Pepper instead of our usual Black Pepper and so much more. We've included Reishi & Chaga mushroom, and instructions to best brew this blend as a decoction. When your working with roots and barks for their most valued benefits, they are deep in the dense structure of the hard plant. You could steep it for 15 minutes and then get a second brew from the Chai spices and mushrooms! We also added a few wonderful daily tonifying herbs to add to your Chai regimine if you are a Chai lover or a normally cold body.

Contains Caffeine, Decoction, Serve Hot or Cold

good afternoon.jpg

What is Conscious Packaging?

Backs web.png

There are a lot of teas and herbal on the market today, and right now folks finding uses for herbs are on the rise. This is great since more and more folks are interested in finding more options through mother nature, bringing her back into the monetary fold. Our world revolves around purpose and if you don't fill one then get out of the way. It's rough out there and Mother Nature just needs us as change makers to advocate for change literally on a root level! What does the tea you buy bring back to mother nature?


Throw away material is a pandemic scale problem on it's own, this is already a commonly known fact. Our oceans, roadsides, mountain passes, schoolyards and even our own back yard suffers from random trash and debris. Our packaging is very important to us so we put a lot of thought into this one. The truth is most of the time folks throw away a creations packaging when they are done. We like to believe that everyone composts or recycles and the packaging for our teas and powdered drinks show this. The bags are compostable, BPA-Free and the labels are made out of sugarcane. The ink is Non-Toxic and safe for children. So even if they did get thrown away they will break down in 60-90 days depending on weather. You can also break them up and put them into your own compost to finish the cycle. This is what we would like to call Conscious Packaging. There is no reason in the world today to have to rely on anything that does not finish its cycle. 


We also include a Organic Muslim Cotton teabag with every tea. Washing with soap and hot water, drying and reusing this teabag will help keep a lot of waste out of the landfills!! You can also compost this when it is not longer usable. We've had a couple floating around our house being used for a very long time now.

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