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Every culture and every medicinal system, from Ayurveda to Traditional Chinese Medicine, have used herbs for therapeutic purposes. There are thousands of herbs with thousands of different uses, many of which are used in conventional medicine as well as for natural remedies.


Herbal Energetics


Each plant, like ourselves, carries an individual energy based on its environment, species, genus and family. The base energetic of a plant is essencially the same across the board. For example Rose has an energy of helping issues with the heart like held greif and regret, to help us release these in whatever way we experience this energy for ourselves. Lavender is calming and soothing to held stress and anxiety to help us accept and release our stressors. Some experience release very physically, some experience it more emotionally and some its just a passing moment of release. Some may connect more with the idea of crystals and their vibration, that is the same thing with herbs. They vibrate at a certain frequency that releases energy to heal our mind, body and souls. Herbs are our companions to our journey they are individulaistic in nature and 'vibe' well with some and not so much with others. But all 'vibe' with someone and that is great for us to take advantage of such an opportunity.

Chronic Conditions - Herbal regimens are more effective for long-standing medicine. Such treatments include dietary changes like adding simple herbs, eating organic foods or reducing foods depending on your body type.

Not Habit Forming - Herbal medications are non habit forming. No one is going to hear of someone who has been hooked on herbal medications because they are not going to affect the mind that way.

Better Immunity - Their tendancy of enhancing the bodies natural healing process contributed towards strengthening the immune system. Naturally fortifying the bodies defense with sublte healing energies and proven effects. Using methods that have been established more than 1,000 years ago.

Lifestyle - Herbal remedies forbid junk food and stimulants such as caffine. You will notice that if you do not make healthier choices in your food and lifestyle you may have whats called a healing crisis. Your bodies way of trying to normalize toxins being put in the system constantly. Make wise choices in your complete lifestyle while you choose an herbal regimen.  

Cost - Herbal medicines are very cheap in comparison to conventional form of medication. It's something which every pocket can afford, and everybody can benefit from in the same way. There is more dedication to the presence of what your intent is when using herbs in a healing regimen.

Side Effects - All Allopathic medicine has side effects and some are very severe. When taking herbals you do not get side effects, unless there is a confliction with any synthetic medicine you might be taking, allergies or taking more than the reccomended daily amount.

Natural Healing - Herbs do not block the bodies self healing abilities. On the contrary, they enhance the biological machinery so that the recovery process gets accelerated and the body is able to maintain an ideal internal environment.

It is always wise to test an herb before you use it in treatment to check for any allergies you may not know of.

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