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Sliced Reishi Mushroom Organic

Sliced Reishi Mushroom Organic


Sliced Organic Reishi Mushroom. Please select your weight from the drop down menu below.


Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is a polypore mushroom that grows in dark, damp forests that was cited thousands of years ago in several texts and scripts as being a tonic for emperors. At one time this mushroom was specifically used under the prestigious vestiges of the ruling class, but it has since made its way into the pantries of us common folk. Traditional and contemporary Chinese medicine practitioners admire it as a tonic benefiting vital energy or "Qi". Previously wild harvested, modern day demand has forced its cultivation in Japan, China and the United States, which is promising for the wild stands of Reishi.


Reishi slices are easy to manage and can be decocted as reishi mushroom tea, added to herbal broths, and tinctured. Tea decoction from the dried mushroom, which Chinese medicine usually calls for 1-8 grams of dried mushroom per cup of tea (6-8 ounces).


Reishi mushroom supports immune health to help you stay feeling your best and supports the body’s immune defenses to stay feeling healthy.*


Our packaging is compostable, recyclable, BPA-free and a plant based material.

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