Adaptogenic blends like this one help you in so many ways for example:


Cinnamon is thought to increase circulation and open breathing, increase awareness and vitality, and reduce fatigue. It is also reputed to be an aphrodisiac!


A popular spice in both the Indian and Chinese preparations, Cardamom is said to benefit the lungs, kidneys, and heart. It is also a mood elevator.


Cloves have pain-relieving and antiseptic attributes. Like Pepper and Ginger, Clove is also used to synergistically increase the potency of other herbal blends.


Since the 16th century, Chaga Mushroom has been used in the botanical medicine of the Eastern European countries as a remedy for cancer and gastritis, ulcers, tuberculosis (TB) of the bones. This mushroom also does so much more, and requires some research to know the full spectrum of benefits. 


We like to enjoy a warm cup of this blend during the cold seasons, and as a much more mild afternoon replacement for coffee. This does contain Caffeine in the form of Dandelion Root, Assam Black Tea and Fo-Ti.



Mushroom Masala Chai Loose Leaf Herbal Blend

  • Chai Blend

    Ingredients: Assam Black Tea*, Ginger*, Cardamom*, Cinnamon*, Dandelion Root*, Licorice Root*, Reishi*, SW Chaga, Clove*, Schisandra*, Fo Ti*, Anise*, Black Pepper*, Turmeric*, Nutmeg*


    * - Organic , SW - Sustainably Wildcrafted



    I adapt to the emotion of Gaia's seasons as well as my own Human nature.



  • We always guarantee 100% satisfaction from our creations. If you are not satisfied with our blend please let us know why and we will process your refund. 

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