Goldenog, the New Holiday Treat!

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Have you heard of a delicious and beneficial drink called Golden Milk? It's been a boon in our household for quite some time now. We have heard of Turmeric and it's anti-inflammatory properties, especially when added to a blend with black pepper. Toss in a few other goodies and some of our Chai Spice (or just cinnamon & nutmeg) you get this amazing treat.

There are many ways to use Golden Milk and it's a very shelf stable creation since it is dried.

You don't need much at 1 tsp per cup of liquid, all depending on how you want to make it.

We offer 2 ways to enjoy this treat on our bottles instructions, with water or coconut milk. Some folks use our blend in rice, shrimp and other savory dishes.

Since the holidays are here, and I really want to be one of those that gets a whole lot of meat and just consumes this holiday. Jeff & I have found a healthy balance in our lives and in some places we need to make changes to keep what we love. Eggnog is one of them with all the heavy cream (which in ways might be healthy but for us it's just not fun later), then all the egg yolks SO HEAVY!!! Folks add some bourbon and welcome to my intestinal tracts worst nightmare, not even those amazing bitters would save me from that crash.

I want to make this clear, I love Eggnog! I used to make it every year and have it in the fridge on the ready when the moment arose. Now, since changes were needed, I have been without for quite some time. Somehow after making it so long without Eggnog (and surviving) it's time to re approach this sinful treat and turn it into the angel I always knew it was! Plus the total inflammation happening from all the other amazing food the holiday brings, most have to prepare ahead of time for the impact. I ask why put ourselves through this? Why not try changing even a couple things and make them amazing?

There are benefits to this blend outside of it's yummy taste like digestion, improve mood, prevent cell damage and boosting the immune system. Folks have found many of their own personal success stories with this healing blend.