Enlivening afternoon delight. A blend to enrich the mind, invigorate the body and balance the nerves. Our day can be stressful and wear down the system. We always require a balance to our daily activities. Drink this blend for a good afternoon : )

Also a compress for dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes, take the provided reusable organic unbleached spent tea bag and place on a localized area of interest. Make sure to clean your tea bag properly after every use.

Affirmation: Today is the most beautiful day I have seen. This moment right now is the best I have ever experienced.

Good Afternoon Loose Leaf Tea Blend and Compress

  • Ingredients: *Peppermint & *Spearmint, *Chamomile, *Lemongrass, *Orange Peel, *Black Tea, *White Tea, *Licorice Root, *Stevia Leaf.
    * - Organic Ingredients


  • We always guarantee 100% satisfaction from our creations. If you are not satisfied with our blend please let us know why and we will process your refund. 

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