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Balms and Salves

Organic Herbal Apothocary




Balms, creams and salves are just some of the creations that can be made with many extracted herbal essences. Treat your skin to something it will enjoy. Another way of thinking about it would be giving yourself treatment, medicine for the soul and body to help heal and become our highest source of health we can in this exsistance.



This information is intended for educational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice or to replace independaent professional judgment. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Consult a doctor before beginning any new herbs.

Caution: Creams and salves are made for external use only, do not ingest.

Butters and Oils-Butters are a great solid product to use to not only nourish but help with consistancy. Oils are a great way to extract constituents from different herbs. Both are used to create a proper Cream or Salve.

Anhydrous-Creams and Salves with out water. These have a very long shelf life and are very concentrated. Smaller uses can give you much more result. 

Protecting-Sometimes you will need to create a protective barrier between our environment, and an open skin wound. Also our body teams with many more bacteria than we can even fathom so please take care of yourself!

Emollient-Meaning in Latin 'To Make Soft'. Our skin can become hard and flakey even creating scabs on hard used skin. Creams and Salves can make these areas softer and help make better touching experience. 

Soothing-When we get a scratch, cut, splinter, burn, sprains, spasms and much more we would like relief from the resulting experience. Creams and Salves are a great way to find this relief and it can be used at anytime anywere.

Nourishing-The skin is so much more than just what we see every day, it is the biggest organ on our body and one of the best tell-tale signs when things are going wrong with our liver and other systems. We should give it what it needs to stay healthy whenever an opportunity arises. 

Cost-Herbal extracts are very cheap in comparison to conventional form of medication. It's something which every pocket can afford, and everybody can benefit from in the same way. 

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