Raw Cosmos Has ?Mushrooms? ... WOW DELICIOUS!

Mushrooms are good for you, otherwise you wouldn't be reading about them on a health blog. Did you know they can taste good too? If you've been following the nutritional world at all closely over the last couple of years, then you've probably heard some talk about mushrooms being used as a nootropic and for immune support. That's only because there is a lot of scientific evidence that supports these claims. Mushrooms have been around for thousands of years, and people have been using them for food and medicine for just as long.

Raw Cosmos started it's journey in my life in 2016 as a thought and some notes. Then took form as a liquid in 2017, extracting herbs in a tea and adding almond milk to serve to the community. It was delicious, everyone enjoyed it this way though it needed to be available more than one bottle. When we figured out our current blend it opened up a whole other perspective on how we can blend nutrition into our daily foods.

There was a lot of experimentation when trying out new ideas. One big one was as a coffee additive. Helping calm a lot of the anxieties that occur due to caffeine sensitivities and sustaining the effects of one cup of caffeine longer. Cookies are a big hit and you can find these here also we tried ice cream and that was awesome! It's truly a versatile ingredient for any kitchen. The possibilities are endless, and the journey is all of the delicious fun!

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