Greater Plains Herb Walk

Went to Chisholm Creek Park to check out a few herbs and was able to find a lot using a book I found from the Ethnobotanical Society of Edible Plants of the Plains. It was such a great resource I got another book from the Society on Medicinal Plants of the Plains! Sumac was especially vibrant and ready to make some delicious tea! Not sure exactly which Thistle that was, as always though the flower is such a vibrant color! Then I found Marsh Elder, thats a new one for me since it didn't grow in San Diego, CA. Milk Weed was different too, as it is in such dramatically different climates. Burdock leaves were smaller but more leathery than I'm used too and the seeds seemed a bit more delicate. Aster looked just like it always has. There was a lot to see in such a small area. I'm personally very excited to check out some of the local farms that have offered us an opportunity to identify some plants on their land. It's always exciting to see a new area, we're what is considered the Lower Sonoran elevation Bio Zone. Here is considered a Desert/Grassland elevation and can grow a large variety of plants to study.

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