A cooling and heating creation for sore muscles, body pains and sore joints. Its always a wonderful idea to take the time to rub just a small amount into the area desired. Massaging this in gets it in much deeper and just feels good. Remember you do not need a lot to get what you want, but if you like a stronger sensation then please feel free to use more : )

Muscle Balm

  • 1 ounce Muscle Balm
    Ingredients: *Beeswax, *Mango Butter, Essential oils of: *Peppermint, *Cajaput, DMSO, *Mentha, *Camphor, *Rosemary, *Cassia, Vitamin E
    * - Organic Ingredients


    I work effectively in every action I take. I am open to the highest guidance, healing white light fills my body.  

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