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Medicinal Tisane Making Class June 11, 2023

Medicinal Tisane Making Class June 11, 2023


We are taking a small break on classes and will have more the last week of July.


This is for our, 2023 2-5pm class

Class limited to 4 students


In this hands-on & informative class we will go through the process of understanding different roles of herbs when creating a formula. Then implement this knowledge by selecting from 8 different herbs by the teaspoon or tablespoon at a time till we reach our full recipe. While we each brew 3 tablespoons of our 2 cups collected, we will read our collected informative cards about the herbs we selected. Once finished we will share our tisane with the rest of the class enjoyed (with sweetener or not) in our double walled cups. We will walk away with a base knowledge to go home and start working on your own blends and a community of folks to rely on when looking for advice!

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