Fyre Cider is said to restore and invigorate one’s system, and additionally, many claim it has benefits that include boosting energy, warding off colds and flus, easing sinus congestion, lowering blood sugar, curbing cravings, and aiding digestion.


Apple cider vinegar has been touted as the remedy for everything from dull skin to dandruff, so it’s not surprising that fire cider, an apple cider vinegar drinking tonic, has been catching on too. Fire vinegar, as it’s also known, is not unlike a shrub (a fruity, vinegary syrup you mix with water or sparkling water), with apple cider vinegar as its base. We like to step it up with Astragalus, Reishi and Rosehip. We also support our local farms as with as much as we can order for this creations. Including Black Garlic, much higher in antioxidants and much more beneficial than regular garlic (which is also added since it has more enzematic activity). We use organic and local sourced ingredients, and always strive to lift our community so we can order more ingredients locally!


We like it as a morning pick-me-up and it feels like we are connecting with the roots of our old ways. We also noticed the biggest impact from taking it during my daily afternoon slump; just a tablespoon could get us back on our feet, and I didn’t need to worry about having trouble falling asleep that night like I normally do with coffee. 

Fyre Cider Organic and Locally Sourced

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