Jessi's Zita Zen Herbal Blend

A wise sage, Jessi, living in a land far far away, Conway Springs, practices her passion for all things herbal. A combination of a Hippy, Warrior Rebel, Fairy Goddess, Mother, save the world kind of person. It is her goal to be mainly chemical free by 2020 and this is one of her beloved creations. Drinking this herbal blend since 2019 has been a great alternative for many medications involving anxiety and depression.

The blends name is made in honor of her Grandmother, Zin May, since this is who came to mind when thinking about someone who was relaxed, calm and full of joy!

Lemon Balm






Holy Basil

Boil 8 oz's water, remove from heat and pour over herbs. Cover and steep for 15 minutes.

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