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We are here with the intention to open your third eye to a different, considered Alternative, way of thinking. There is more to tea than just a cup of herbs, chocolate milk does not have to be just a treat, jewelry can be empowering and beautiful, muscle creams can smell good and be effective! Our goal is to offer options to things you might already do that you might be thinking about changing. For example dessert, instead try our Raw Cosmos. Instead of coffee try our Good Afternoon or Masala Chai. Again our Raw Cosmos would be a great Alternative to coffee, being it gives the body a vitality that I like to call the "Optimum Human State of Being." 

In our society we strive to be more, push harder and take it to the limit. How about instead of stimulating our senses to 'be more', lets just try being what is us naturally and optimally. Build up your reserves that have been depleted, take it easy and give your body a break. We would like to offer you a chance to get the most out of your healing moments. To have the time to take we must first take it to have it, make the decision in favor for yourself and try our creatioins : ) 


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