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Journey The Universe That Is You!

We are rocking this thing called life. We show up for ourself, our job, our family, and even the planet. But we know there's even more for us...and we're ready to go after it.

That's when we call in our lady in charge, Mother Earth. She's the ultimate provider of vital & pure ingredients our minds and bodies need in order to unleash the superpowers that are innately within us. She knows what we're capable of and she's ready to give us all she's got. But it's our job to love her as much as she loves us.


It's a partnership like no other. We take care of her, she'll take care of us...and Leaf & Stone Apothecary takes care of us both.

Our creations inspire wellness, fun and we have been told they are a high vibration. All of what we offer comes from our own personal journey with Mother Nature, anytime we have ever needed a good idea we just went camping.


We offer exactly what you would think comes from an Apothecary! Things you can use for your everyday toolbox of health or just whenever you need them. From Good Afternoon herbal blend to our Action & Rebound, Raw Cosmos or the always handy Calendula salve. Aromatherapy is a huge part of our everyday experience and we offer scents to help through your day. We are always learning and bringing more to wherever we are. Watch what we are bringing, our ever growing list of things to choose from increases every week!



Inspired By





Local Farms





Our imaginarium brought into your reality, a community based blog.

Classes, Walks & Workshops 

In a group setting learn techniques and herbs to put into practice.

Taste, study, smell and implement then share with the group.

Co-Create our Local Communities Materia Medica that we will be

putting online for everyone to learn from. Come to the meetings with

your own copy to share and we will all have our hard copy to 

take home




Tel. 316-302-5619




Hello Leaf & Stone Community,

         We are always striving to be available as best we can during this time. A storefront is in the works for us but during the Covid-19 pandemic we are going to focus solely on Farmers Markets and online sales. As always we have free local delivery, free shipping over 35.00 and a pickup option if your in the area of that location. Below you will find the Farmers Markets locations, times and a link to learn more about them!





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