The Imaginarium Of Planetoidal Hominids

A community based Creation

Here we hold space for all of us to use as an opportunity to share something and learn something. We will be having meetings every month to discuss our Herbal Companions and bring our new addition to our Materia Medica to share with everyone. These will also be posted here to share with everyone that is interest or happens to fall on this page! 


We'll also be taking Herb Walks around our local Wichita Kansas area to learn our history and how these plants can be of benefit. 

When we have our any of our herbal classes or gatherings we will post a small overview of what we were covering and any information that would be important to share to convey the class. 

This will have personal views from me and others in our group, we support this since this is a community based creation. Just check out the author at the top of the post. Like tiny planets passing through the galaxy, blessing on your journey through Space, Time and the Universe. 

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