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Why Tea?

Since teas first recorded history in 2737 BC till now we have made use of herbs steeped or decocted in water. A Decoction is when herbs are boiled for 20 minutes (i like to let it sit covered for 10 more minutes), mainly used for thick herbs like roots, barks and harder mushrooms. Or to make a very strong herbal extraction, this extract can be used for many things. Our Masala Chai is decocted.  


Good oral hygiene, body maintenance, a great way to get your daily required amount of water and of course the benefits herbs give us to begin with. The daily ritual of making tea is a lot of fun and very intentional. You choose a tea that fits your needs then wait and take the time to make it just the way you like it and enjoying every sip. Knowledge, understanding oneself, patience and loving oneself are amazing acts of human behavior. These are also intentional thoughts that you are putting into you tea and your life. It is for intention that we repeat affirmations into our creations when making them. In all ways making tea is always full of hope and love in some form.


What's Conscious Packaging?

Our packaging is very important to us so we put a lot of thought into this one. The truth is most of the time folks throw away a creations packaging when they are done. We like to believe that everyone composts or recycles and the container for our teas and powdered drinks show this. The bags are compostable, BPA-Free and the labels are made out of sugarcane. The ink is Non-Toxic and safe for children. So even if they did get thrown away they will break down in 60-90 days depending on weather. You can also break them up and put them into your own compost to finish the cycle. This is what we would like to call Conscious Packaging.  


We also include a Organic Muslim Cotton teabag with every tea. Washing with soap and hot water, drying and reusing this teabag will help keep a lot of waste out of the landfills!! You can also compost this when it is not longer usable. We've had a couple floating around our house being used for a very long time now.


Good Afternoon Blend

Aromatic and slightly sweetened with just a little Stevia Leaf. Contains Caffeine, so an excellent choice for just after work but not ready to go to bed yet. Serve Hot or Cold.


Flavorful, aromatic and full of Vitamin C (from Rosehips). Excellent choice for the change of the seasons, especially from Winter to Spring when all the icky's start moving again. Serve Hot or Cold.


A Great warm cup of herbs to help get you in a calm place, wind down to recover after a work out or get ready for bed. Brew this tea when you have made the decision to slow down and relax for the night!

Hibiscus Tummy Blend

Beautifully red and fruity with some herbal tones, we like to add Chia Seed to the finished tea. Makes for a happy tummy every time! Serve Hot or Cold (we like cold).

Raw Cosmos

In 3 words: Delicious, Beneficial, Chocolate. Can we say more, yes, with MCT, Fo Ti and Astragalus this makes a excellent pre-workout addition. Added to your favorite milk (we use Almond) Hot or Cold.

Mushroom Masala Chai

Aromatic with all the Chai spices you know and love, we use Long Pepper (for Black Pepper) and so much more. A must for a cold body or Chai lover! Serve Hot or Cold.


Our go-to herb blend for the cold & flu season. We like to call it "Theraflu in a cup", it's got the sweet Elderberry aspect with very nice tones from the herbs. Add a little honey and its perfect for me!

More to Come

We have so much excitement brewing and more teas coming!! We are talking to farms around town to see if we can get some herbs grown for our teas next year. Also we have 4 new blends coming very soon! I'm especially excited about my Rooibos tea I'm putting together!! 


Also something much more amazing is the online system that we are brain storming with. So much can be done right at our fingertips these days and for those that can't leave their house what if you could get it made and set to you? Throw in some education, enrichment and lots of opportunity we've got something amazing folks!!


Its our goal to consistently elevate our creation base through constantly expanding our knowledge base. Basically the more we learn the more you receive. Many blessings and much more to come : )

This information is intended for educational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice or to replace independaent professional judgment. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Consult a doctor before beginning any new herbs.

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